Building the Business Case for Rheumatoid Arthritis

THE CHALLENGE: A top-10 pharmaceutical company is studying a biologic treatment for moderately-to-severely active rheumatoid arthritis. Currently in Phase 3 development, the company needed to identify ways to maximize the product’s value proposition across various patient subpopulations.

THE MEDEVOKE SOLUTION: MedEvoke was asked to lead an initiative to build business cases for each subpopulation of patients including customer analysis, scientific rationale for therapy, and clinical evidence recommendations. MedEvoke is employing a four-phase approach to the process:

  • Secondary research, comprehensive literature review, and gap analysis to assess market potential, unmet needs and opportunities across each patient subpopulation
  • Primary research with rheumatologists to determine changes in medical practice, unmet needs, decision drivers, differences in treatment of subpopulations, and treatment barriers
  • Cumulative analysis of primary and secondary data
  • Business case development and reporting


This information will inform the decision to proceed with clinical development in some or all of the designated patient subpopulations and will be used to determine which markets offer the greatest opportunity and should be targeted for investment. MedEvoke will then be reengaged to develop strategically aligned scientific narratives for each patient segment.

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