Driving Success for Multiple Sclerosis

THE CHALLENGE: A new product developed by a subsidiary of a top-10 pharmaceutical company, was in Phase 2b development for the treatment of relapsing forms of MS. With an expected approval two years later and numerous stakeholders with competing goals, objectives, strategies, and budgets, the company sought a supplier to develop a globally aligned scientific narrative for the product.

THE MEDEVOKE SOLUTION: MedEvoke employed a proven methodology (ISIS®) to develop a global consensus-based scientific narrative. The process consisted of the following:

  • Comprehensive market analyses to determine unmet needs, competitor positioning, treatment paradigms, and market opportunities
  • Conference attendance to conduct KOL encounter programs and competitive intelligence
  • KOL advisory meetings and interviews to define and articulate the product’s differentiation points
  • Global alignment workshop comprising all stakeholders to begin the process of achieving strategic alignment
  • KOL validation of the scientific narrative
  • Completion and launch of the agreed-upon scientific narrative


The product successfully launched in 2012. MedEvoke continued to evolve the narrative via a strategic message evolution suite of offerings (e.g., data surveillance, KOL encounters, advisory board meetings, steering committee meetings) to adapt the narrative to market conditions and to maintain strategic alignment.

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