Achieving Enterprise-wide Alignment

THE CHALLENGE: A top-5 pharmaceutical company sought to minimize the market erosion for their full portfolio of late life-cycle global brands. In an industry that typically focuses only on top-of-mind awareness for mature and declining products, the company instead identified an opportunity to uncover additional differentiators from the vast quantity of existing data and create new compelling scientific narratives. To effectively execute this marketing strategy, though, the company needed to employ a strategically aligned narrative development process across all the brands.

THE MEDEVOKE SOLUTION: To maximize brand value and achieve global alignment on each product’s scientific narrative, the company entered into an enterprise-wide partnership with MedEvoke. MedEvoke implemented a proven process for achieving alignment that included the following:

    • Comprehensive Literature Analysis: MedEvoke identified key differentiators that would offer value to patients, physicians, and payers and would substantiate the new scientific narratives
    • One Medical Voice: Evidence-based narratives were developed for each brand enabling a consistent communication platform and flexible global utility
    • Dynamic Internal Portal: Based on the narratives created by MedEvoke, we partnered with the client to create an interactive global resource to maintain strategic alignment and a robust connection between specific narratives and the most relevant clinical data


MedEvoke’s enterprise-wide solution enabled the client to implement consistent, compelling scientific narratives that were supported by data and offered the greatest opportunity for differentiation. Additionally, alignment across brands, operational functions, and geographic regions afforded a replicable solution for eliminating redundancy, maintaining message consistency, and enabling a seamless, familiar platform for staff that move from brand to brand.

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