The MedEvoke Process

Effectively defining your product’s positioning enables you to take control of how you are perceived in the competitive landscape and ensure clear, consistent, undiluted messages. How does MedEvoke help you create a globally aligned scientific narrative – a single voice shared across all internal and external stakeholders, operational functions, and regional affiliates?

The answer is the combination of unmatched expertise and a proven methodology.

Expertise is at the core of our work. From single product launches to life-cycle management to enterprise/portfolio solutions, every client initiative is executed by our senior leadership team. Each averaging 15-20 years experience, our expertise spans most therapeutic areas and leverages proficiency in data analysis, global group dynamics, medical communications, and organizational alignment. It is that expertise that led to our development of Integrated Scientific Information Sharing the industry-leading methodology.

Integrated Scientific Information Sharing is the process by which we develop your scientific narrative and keep it current. To maintain your sustainable competitive advantage, our methodology helps you understand the environment, evolve your product’s unique value proposition, ensure globally aligned messages, and identify new opportunities to advance your strategic vision. By refining your narrative on a regular basis and keeping your constituents updated, you will continue to retain control of your profile within your therapeutic space.

Through workshops and publication analysis, MedEvoke’s Integrated Scientific Information Sharing methodology helps you achieve:  

  • Alignment on key asset attributes (therapeutic landscape, unmet need, differentiators, MoA, etc.)
  • Cross-functional engagement and consensus
  • KOL validation and acceptance of the scientific narrative
  • Seamless evolution of the narrative through message refinement, ongoing global input, and market testing
  • A real-time, interactive, single-source platform for accessing and updating relevant data and creating message consistency across the organization
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