Maximize Your Patient Recruitment, Compliance, and Retention Potential

Why MedEvoke for Clinical Trials Solutions

At MedEvoke, we know that running clinical trials faces unique challenges, from the complexity of trials design and understanding regulations, to patient access, recruitment, and retention. We apply decades of acquired and unique knowledge-based experience as well as cutting-edge scientific research analysis to our strategies to provide you with a solid framework to proceed confidently. With 9 out of 10 trials failing to meet endpoints, MedEvoke’s ability to provide early identification of potential flaws and unmet needs can mitigate or prevent costly delays. We are guided by an intrinsic motivation and purpose to help our clients bring to market products that help patients heal.

In fact, we put patients in the center of all we do, resulting in stronger strategic alliances that impact each phase of the trial from initiation, acceleration, and optimization.

Trial Initiation
  • Social listening/engagement
  • Patient phenotype/journey
  • Site ID/training
  • Influencer ID [KOL/DOL]
  • Protocol feasibility
  • Website
  • Apps
  • Trial guide
Trial Acceleration
  • Q&A bot
  • Social engagement
  • Patient portal
  • Trial call-to-action [HCP office]
  • Patient engagement
  • Trial diary/log
  • Patient/caregiver education
  • Adherence compliance strategy
  • Site Engagement
Trial Optimization
  • Data dissemination
  • Trial readout
  • Trial appreciation program
  • Site follow through

Clinical Trials Are Costly Endeavors

$2.6 Billion or more on average in fact. There are pitfalls and obstacles with every trial and the ability to successfully navigate through the process is paramount to achieve a successful outcome.

The MedEvoke Process

How does MedEvoke Clinical Trials help you align your protocol framework to your desired outcomes?

We develop customized solutions to fit your needs by providing:

Digitally-oriented medical strategy and communications solutions to ensure your message is widely distributed

Real-time progress analytics to determine if you are having an impact

Product differentiation, scientific narrative and lexicon development to ensure your trial stands out

Patient-centric recruitment and retention strategies

Alignment is in our DNA. With our diverse industry knowledgeable team, we have been successfully providing robust digitally-orientated medical strategy to teams across a multitude of therapeutic categories for decades. When applied to the trial architecture, these findings and insights can effectively impact key drivers and trial benchmarks for all stakeholders. All while maintaining a consistent single global narrative for your brand, your pipeline, and your company.

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